Korean Mountain Ginseng

Mountain ginseng belongs to the family of Araliacea and Panax.
Panax is a compound word in the Greek made of “Pan(everything)” and “Axos(remedy)”,
which means the cure for all diseases. It is a drug that has been used in Oriental medicine for a long time.
Saponin, a typical component of mountain ginseng, has been proven to have a variety of effects,

including anticancer effect, increase of immunity and drop in blood pressure.

Cultured Mountain Ginseng
  • 100-year-old

    wild ginseng from Deokyu Mountain

  • 99% DNA match with natural ginseng.

    DNA matching rate with natural ginseng

  • safety certification

    Verification of stability at the KFDA in 2003

  • Safety from agricultural chemicals and heavy metals

    Cultivation in clean aseptic bio-reactor

- We developed a bio-engineered wild ginseng with the efficacy of naturally grown 100-year-old wild ginseng by utilizing the plant tissue culture technology

- The somatic cell cloning technology, which was started in 1998 at Chungbuk National University, was born as a food product in 2003 through the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's safety verification and has reached the present time.

- As a product of advanced bioengineering technology, natural ginseng and DNA are 99% the same. It is completely safe for pesticides or heavy metals because it is cultured in a bio-reactor and contains superior efficacy (such as ginsenoside and acid polysaccharides).

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  • New Products Line

    The product line in CELLFARM is based on the cultured Korean ginseng root that has proven to be of superior efficacy by conducting numerous joint experiments linked to renowned colleges of medicine and pharmacy in Korea.

Cell Farm USA

CellFarm USA, the local corporation in America has been founded
for Internationalization of cultured Korean mountain ginseng.

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